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As virus spreads in Uganda, Matthew Boyd says children at Kingdom Home are safe and well

As virus spreads in Uganda, Matthew Boyd says children at Kingdom Home are safe and well


— As the coronavirus has suddenly begun to spread in Uganda, Matthew and Ashley Boyd sent out a letter Monday to sponsors and donors that the children and parents at Kingdom Home remain safe and healthy.

“We have been in constant communication with our house parents regarding the safety and well-being of the children and we are happy to report they are all healthy and doing well, despite the circumstances,” the Boyds wrote.

“Now more than ever is the time to look out for each other,” the Boyds wrote. “While we practice social distancing, we still have the ability to come together in a unique way — united as we share this common experience and together trust that the Lord will carry us through this time and make us stronger because of it.”

By latest reports, the number of positive tests for the virus in Uganda has jumped from five to 30 in less than a week. Uganda on Sunday announced its first death from the virus. Schools have been shut down, travel is banned and many of the markets are closed.  

Getting food and supplies is becoming problematic. Uganda’s military dictator Gen. Museveni, according to the publication Black Star News, is using militarism to enforce the self-confinement rules. Here is an excerpt from one report:

“Gen. Museveni this week ordered his security forces to physically assault Ugandan vendors who came to sell their foods in open markets, in order to provide a living for their families. Photographs of Ugandan soldiers chasing and caning women food vendors in the middle of the streets of Kampala, the capital have gone viral. Several women were seen openly weeping as the soldiers caned them mercilessly.”

This is a huge problem for Kingdom Home, which relies on those markets for food. The Boyds are trying to find other ways to get food and supplies to the houses.

“Please join us in praying for continued protection and peace over the entire Kingdom Home family in Uganda,” the Boyds wrote. “If you would like to give to help with some of the unexpected expenses we are facing at this time, you can go to